Modenus BlogTour NCY Designers: Marcy Michaud from StyleLesson, Faith Sheridan from Faith Sheridan Interior Design and Paola Thomas from Mirror Mirror Blog share their personal tips for Earth Day.


Michaud first tip is to simplify. ”Get rid of the clutter, paper and reuse what you have… that is a great way to help the earth,” states Michaud.

Sheridan reminds us to be conscious about what you purchase in terms of food and to use recycled bags. ”Where I live we get charged for bags, so it’s a very conscious decision to take your bags to the grocery store.” states Sheridan.

1EarthDayLogo copyThomas loves to cook and is big fan of the farm-to-table concept. “You find out where your food comes from and it tastes better as well,” says Thomas who also states that she composts regularly.

Sheridan says she is a big believer in composting as well. ” I keep it under my sink,” states Sheridan. “From egg shells to banana peels to even coffee grinds. Everything!”

Michaud like a bit of the outdoors in her kitchen. “Right by my window, I have a display of herbs so I have a bit of outside inside on the windowsill which reminds of the green all year around,” states Michaud.

“I have a vegetable garden that tastes amazing,” says Thomas. “It’s so loving to bring those fresh products into the house.”

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Three interior designers from Modenus BlogTour NYC 2014 visited with BLANCO at the Architectural Digest Show in New York to share their tips for celebrating Earth Day.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 7.06.40 AM

Jeanne Chung from Cozy Stylish Chic, Typhanie Peterson from Typhanie Peterson Design and Deborah Main from Deborah Main Design  shared their view on how to create a eco-friendly home environment in honor of Earth Day which falls on April 22, 2014.

1EarthDayLogo copy

Peterson says that using LED lighting or dimmers would be a great way to save energy and the Californian says that the trend to save home energy is on the rise in her state. “Use motion sensors,” states Peterson. “If you aren’t  in the room, the lights go off, that way you are saving electricity which is big in California for us.”

Main says that she would focus more on conserving water. “I’m from Austin, Texas where water conservation is crucial so we are very conscious about saving water,” states Main.

Chung says that bamboo flooring is sustainable and responsibly harvested. She also says that looking for manufacturers who are members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council is a good way to learn more about eco-friendly products. The designer also says that installing high efficiency toilets is also a good way to save water.

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Another successful NYC BlogTour this year presented by Modenus brought out well-known bloggers and designers who shared their personal thoughts and eco-friendly design ideas to help honor and celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2014.

In the next several blog posts, we will introduce designers who will share tips on composting and how to create an eco-friendly home environment.


Jeffrey Johnson from Jeffrey Design, LLC, Vickie Bolick from Bolick Interiors and the well-read The Ace of Space blog and Allison Habermehl from hd Style Studio share  their eco-friendly tips.

“I would recommend recycling, organic products and natural fibers – I use a lot of natural products because I like to bring the outside in,” states Bolick.1EarthDayLogo copy

“For me, Earth Day is  about saving power,” states Johnson. “I would use insulation for switch plate covers that go behind it which is another way of saving energy.”

BlogTour-Badge-NYC-purple“I always tell people to be conscious of saving water when they are working in the kitchen or the bathroom,” states Habermehl. “I’m from Canada so we have many seasons that are really cold so it’s a matter of being aware of how you use resources that is important.”

The three designers also give excellent tips on composting that everyone is going to want to know! To view the entire video, visit:

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Here’s the latest buzz – from the latest BLANCO designs featured in leading magazines. BLANCO sinks and faucets are an essential ingredient for a well-designed kitchen.
Better Homes & Gardens Kitchen + Bath Ideas used BLANCO for this highly organized kitchen for a family that loves to cook

Better Homes & Gardens Kitchen + Bath Ideas featured a BLANCO sink in this highly organized kitchen for a family that loves to cook.



















Popular industry trade K+BB showed BLANCO as part a Timeless  Update for a family-functional home

K+BB showed a BLANCO CULINA™ as part of a timeless update for a family-functional home


















BLANCO MERIDIAN™ Semi Professional faucet as part of Columbus Monthly's Home & Inspiration section

BLANCO MERIDIAN™ Semi Professional faucet as part of Columbus Monthly’s Home & Inspiration
















Kitchens Trends magazine made BLANCO a significant part of a new traditional home's  design

Kitchens Trends magazine featured this BLANCO sink as a significant part of a new traditional home design
















Signature Kitchens and Baths made BLANCO the centerpiece for a modern kitchen makeover

Signature Kitchens and Baths featured this BLANCO sink as the centerpiece for a modern kitchen makeover



MAKING A DIFFERENCE WITH DIFFA - Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS

BLANCO has joined DIFFA’s Specify With Care® program, and will support the foundation with a donation when their award-winning BLANCO ATTIKA sink is specified.

“Support from Specify With Care Affiliates, like BLANCO, ensures that DIFFA has the resources to help HIV/AIDS organizations year-round and is able to respond quickly to the needs of the organizations it supports,” states Johanna Osburn, executive director for DIFFA. “Specify With Care Affiliates distinguish themselves as socially conscious companies that support a cause that has had a significant impact on the design community.”


The BLANCO ATTIKA sink with its elevated modern rim design and bold architectural character has won many prestigious design honors for its one-of-a-kind elevated rim geometry including being voted the “Best of The Best” at the Interior Innovation Award 2013, receiving the Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award and the 2013 iF Product Design Award.

For more information visit



Welcome to the personalization issue – featuring our new BLANCO ONE™ Sink Collection. By far, the biggest design trend that connects with both consumers and designers is the idea of individualization. We have so many options in front of us each day that we truly believe there is one product, made just for us and for our life. That’s the inspiration for ONE. It’s a sink that lets you customize the features to create a personal workstation. We’ve dedicated this issue of Inspirations to the idea of personalization in design. We hope you enjoy it.



BLANCO wins the distinguished 2013 Good Design Award for its elegant stainless steel BLANCO ATTIKA top-mounted kitchen sink. The elegant sink with its one-of-a-kind elevated rim geometry won in the Kitchen/Appliances category. The Good Design Award is the oldest Design Awards program organized annually by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies.

This year over 700 new products and graphic designs were selected from over 38 countries.

“Winning the distinctive 2013 Good Design Award is a true honor for BLANCO,” states Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for BLANCO. “The ATTIKA sink with its elevated modern rim design and bold architectural character caught the attention of the judges who look for innovation, sustainability and creativity in award-winning products. We are proud to be associated with such a prominent honor and for being recognized out of hundreds of talented entries from around the world.”

Other ATTIKA honors include being voted the “Best of The Best” at the Interior Innovation Award 2013, receiving the Red Dot Design Award and the 2013 iF Product Design Award.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 3.47.04 PM

BLANCO recently was featured on A Taste of New York TV. Their March Home Design Show featured the new BLANCO ONE™ Collection in the Long Island, New York showroom of Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly. Grace Kelly and Christy Emens discussed their favorite ONE accessories and how to personalize a BLANCO Sink for your kitchen. Personalization is one of the biggest trends in design today. To learn more, watch this informative segment here.


Grace Kelly of Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly discusses accessories for the ONE Sink with Christy Emens of BLANCO.

Grace Kelly of Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly discusses accessories for the ONE Sink with Christy Emens of BLANCO.

Christy Emens from BLANCO explains kitchen design trends

Christy Emens from BLANCO explains kitchen design trends

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 3.50.41 PM

BLANCO's Christy Emens gives step by step details on how to select a faucet in new video

BLANCO’s Christy Emens gives step by step details on how to select a kitchen faucet

Trying to select a faucet for your kitchen can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

In their latest how-to video, BLANCO, offers an in-depth look into how to select the ideal faucet for your kitchen. You can click the link to view this new video: “How to Select a Faucet By BLANCO”.

“Faucets are the jewelry of the kitchen and one of the most utilized features in your home,” states Emens.

Emens specifically shows what to look for when purchasing a faucet and the kinds of features or elements that the consumer should be aware of when doing so.

Features such as single levers (which help to control water volume and temperature safety), to learning how counter thickness and spray features can influence the buying decision.


To learn more about other BLANCO how-to videos, please visit or subscribe to BLANCO’s YouTube Channel.

Author and celebrity chef Ying Chang

Author and celebrity chef Ying Chang

BLANCO welcomes renowned celebrity chef, former Martha Stewart food editor and leading author Ying Chang, who recently redesigned her eco-friendly kitchen using BLANCO. We spoke to the national authority on Asian culture and cuisine about her new kitchen and her design concept.

What were some of the main challenges you faced when remodeling your kitchen?

The main challenge was to find a place for a large sink. We enlarged our windows so we were looking for a good spot to put a large sink and since I don’t have a large kitchen, we needed a sink that would fit.

Was space a concern when designing the kitchen? 

Well, we wanted to have a space large enough for two sinks. My son is a great cook so we wanted two sinks and we are always bumping into each other so we decided a prep sink and large sink would work beautifully for us. Plus, everyone always likes to chip in and help me cook, so it was practical to have a two sinks for meal preparation.

Why did you choose BLANCO? 

YingChangBLANCO1I chose BLANCO because I love the design and functionality. I use the sink  a great deal in the cooking process. Washing large pots, plates, vegetables plus I love the drain pan which I constantly use for cooking. I also think it’s more of a clean look and having a build in drain pan feature really attracted me to the sink. Plus a deep prep sink is great for washing vegetables and very multifunctional.





You also selected the BLANCO SOLON COMPOST SYSTEM. Is recycling a big part of your lifestyle? 

I chose SOLON™ because I believe in recycling, composting and having a vegetable garden.



Chinese people don’t waste food. Most of the meals that I prepare at home are made from whole foods and not processed or packaged. I eat food that I can identify with so I try to use fresh ingredients all the time and whatever I don’t use I compost, so very little waste goes in the trash.

It sounds like BLANCO plays an active role in your eco-friendly living. Your thoughts? 

I am totally focused on “living green” and  use all eco-friendly appliances in my kitchen with low formaldehyde. I also like open clean space when I am cooking. For example, I placed my gas cooktop to face an open space for entertaining so I could have more counter space and I don’t like having cabinets hang over my head while I’m cooking or preparing a meal.

Your kitchen sounds perfect – exactly the way you wanted it. Was that difficult in achieving?

My kitchen from early on, had many special needs – green remodeling, open space, two sinks, etc. I am a writer, not a designer so I had to rewrite and rewrite the initial design draft until it was what I wanted and it’s not easy (or cheap) to make revisions in a remodel so it has to be close to perfect before the remodeling starts. I spent years looking for what I wanted and I finally got it!

Compestine Cover

To learn more about Ying’s new book, cooking with an asian accent, click on these links below.



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